Kids parties

The Box Cafè can take the stress, strain and fuss away from organizing your child’s birthday party food.

We offer three options, you choose one, tell us how many children you would like to bring and that is it.

kids birthday party Menu

Due to Covid-19 this service is temporary suspended

Option -A-Option -B-Option -C-
Chicken Nuggets
Sausages rolls
Oven Chips
Pizza Bytes
Orange and Blackcurrant squash
Ham Sandwiches
Cheese Sandwiches
Pizza bites v
Sausages rolls
Cocktail sausages
Orange and Blackcurrant squash
Beef burgers
Chicken nuggets
Orange and Blackcurrant
7.00 pp7.00 pp8.00
If you would like to book a slot for some food after your birthday party activity, please fill the form below.

Please note: This booking form is only to reserve a slot for a birthday party at The Box Cafè within Chesterton Sports Centre

Number of children
Type of allergy

Terms and conditions:
A) All parties include up to 45 minute to consume the party food and includes one Party assistant.
B) Please note that music cannot be played due to others users in the café area, you can only use the area assign to you for consuming the Birthday party food not others area of café space. Sequence, whistles, party poppers or confetti are not permitted.
C) Space is not available for party games.
D) Minimum require for a party booking 10 children.
E) Booking must be made not less than two weeks prior to party date.
F) It is my responsibility to supervise the children attending this party during the food service.
G) Birthday cake can be supplied by the parent, however it is the parents responsibility to ensure that any birthday cake provided is suitable for all children attending the party, including those with allergies.
H) NO other food can be consumed or brought in the premises which has not been provided by The Box Café, no exceptions can be made.
I) Booking must be confirmed and paid in full one week before the date of the party.
The Box Café reserves the right to amend or cancel the party if payment is not received as set out in the terms and conditions above.

Payment can be done by calling us on 01223 576110 ext 0462 or at the counter, we accept Cash or Credit Card